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Lawn care

Lawn Care

Lawn care is required all around the year. First important moment is when preparing the soil. Professionalism and knowledge on how to make the ground perfect for a new lawn is required. Once the ground is done and ready for lay the fresh turf or seeds, most of the hard work is completed.

Weed control
Weeds are often a problem, but all weeds can be removed without the use of weedkiller. The different weeds have deeper root system, some may be difficult to root out. Removing weeds manually will involve pulling out by hand or repeated cutting. When doing these two methods the plant cannot grow enough to set seeds. Green At Home Garden Maintenance Plan will include all the needed care for your open space.

Chemicals as weedkiller can also be used if required for the current garden during our regular garden maintenance. Every lawn must be kept in reasonable condition by being cut every week in the summer season. This is what our experience shows for keeping the lawn better then your neighbours lawn.


New Lawn Care

To have the perfect lawn you need to spend time, if you do not have the time - we have it!

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