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Best Winter Plants

Best winter plants for your lovely garden, that will make the difference in the freezing cold winter.  

Won't you enter the garden? I would like my flowers to see you. "Richard Sheridan."

Best Choice Winter Plants for every garden

It's November. Winter is knocking on the warm window with his cold fingers. but that certainly does not mean we would not spend time outside in our favourite garden.
Come on, put on your wool vest, boots and make the garden shine in the beauty of a winter fairy tale.

We will use fragrance colour and shape that will stay with us throughout the season.


A delightful tuberous perennial providing colour often when little else is flowering, particularly in late winter or early spring.
I've just been to my local farm shop and bought some cyclamen for few pounds each, an intense range of colours from rose-pink to wine-crimson and a bright, rich red.


Pansies are the plants with lovely coloured faces.  A cool-weather favourite, pansies are great for both spring and fall garden. These popular plants often flower when other plants are dormant.

With the colours of the rainbow and like flying butterfly from light lilac to a dark smoky shade of blue sky, overflowing orange notes to sunny yellow will make you mad and make you smile for no reason.

Winter Jasmine

The winter jasmine, is a slender, deciduous shrub native to China. As its name suggests, in the Northern Hemisphere winter jasmine flowers from November to March. Grow winter jasmine in fertile, well-drained soil, in full sun.

Grow near a low growing wall to spill over, or upright with wires or a trellis for support. Care, from re-potting to pruning and including the watering is a set of proper actions that will help you grow magnificent jasmine.
Flowers to 2.5cm in width, bright yellow in winter and spring.

Camellia (Japanese Camellia)

‘’The Whimsical Beauty’’
The camellia is the bell of the winter garden: elegant, balanced and strikingly beautiful. Refresh the gloomy winter by planting a rich red, snow-white and bright pink Camellia. The blooms are complemented by deep evergreen greenery.

Plant Camellia in spring or autumn in well-drained acid soil in partial shade. Camellias perform well in containers; make sure there is good drainage, and use a mixture of 50% or more organic materials.

Durable selections of camellias show up in cold weather and can withstand temperatures from 0 to 5 ° F.
The camellia has become one of the symbols of the fashion brand Chanel. It can be seen on clothes, bags and even shoes. This is Coco Chanel's favourite flower.

Best Winter Plants  Green At Home Ltd

CYCLAMEN Best winter plants

cyclamen plant best winter plants

PANSIES Best Winter Plants

Winter Jasmine Best Winter Plants

CAMELLIA Best Winter Plants

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