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Garden Revamp London

It's  a good for garden revamp in London
Are you looking for the right ideas and inspiration to update your outdoor space?
With the arrival of autumn, most gardens need a touch and change is some way.


We enters every home happy to help.
Renovating a garden can range from minor changes such as replacing some plants and turf to completely replacing wooden decking or fencing, patio or artificial grass.
We are landscapers from Green at Home and are professionals in every field.

For more than 10 years, we have been striving to improve our results. From regular garden maintenance to the ideal design of your outdoor space, we always achieve the desired results.
Let's start with the fact that because of the warm summer days, grass surfaces wear out quite quickly. If they are not watered often in places it begins to lose its properties. The fresh colour in green turns slightly yellow, and in some places even stops growing.

Turf Replacing 

We offer a quick change to renew the green space by replacing any part with a new roll of turf or replacing the old grass with new. With our professional gardening services in East and North London, it will be done within a day and you will once again enjoy the greenery at home.


Storms are common when autumn comes. In places in some areas of the UK the wind is quite strong causing quite a few loose fence panels or worse - broken. Replacing wooden panels is not an easy task, but with our help and quick actions, you will again enjoy a strong fence away from the eyes of the neighbours.


If your deck is worn out? Lots of cracks and loose parts in places? The colour has faded and you definitely want to renew it. We offer a complete replacement of decking boards or make repairs in places where it is necessary to make it look really perfect. We paint, seal and are ready to bring cosiness back into your home. 

Garden clearance East London is one of our gardening services, we also cover North London and all areas in between. The location is giving us the opportunity to act quick, as we are the trusted local gardeners, we do not need to travel hours to reach you. 


We hope, that we can assist you with your garden revamp and build a comfortable outdoor space for you. 





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