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Local Landscapers \ Gardeners in East London

Green at Home are Professional Landscapers and Gardeners in East London.

A team of great workers in one place, we are gathered to help you, to implement your plans and ideas to be realized.

Our teams consist of builders, carpenters and gardeners who are well trained and have many years of experience in landscaping and outdoor projects behind.

Everything we build in every single garden, we do it with great professionalism and we are proud of a job well done. We are grateful for great reviews, it makes us even more motivated and eager to work.





GATH team

GATH team 2

GATH team..

GATH team 4

GATH team 5

Through our work ethics, we are responsible and positive thinking. We strive to meet the specific needs of your garden or terrace to create an outdoor space you really want to spend time in.

Our work process begins with an initial consultation and a large-scale inspection of your space. We measure it all, and make accurate predictions about future work. Then we carry out the necessary steps to build and design a beautiful garden.

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GATH team.

Local Landscape Gardeners East London

Garden clearance services in east London

Why to choose garden clearance for your East London property?

Certainly, when a garden is not maintained in a decent form and left to its own devices, you can hardly recognize it afterwards.

Tall trees, huge bushes, grass up to the height of the fence, the path is not visible and the decking is rotten.

Wondering how to handle it all?


before garden clearance..

after garden clearance

garden clearance

A quick and easy option is to look for a company to clean up all the mess in the backyard. Our local garden clearance service in East London is the right choice for this task.

Green At Home Ltd team of several gardeners will arrive, and in the order of the day everything is cleaned and returned to normal.

What happens to your garden waste?

We are a responsible company that disposes of all rubbish from your garden. We manage the waste with a license and store it in specialized reusable bags before leaving the site.

Our company prides itself on providing you with only the best waste removal services in East London which include garden waste removal and garage, shed, unwanted items removal.

garden clearance van

garden clearance van.

garden clearance vehicle

Decking services in East London


Easy and quick installation of quality decking space installation in East London. Green At Home is your choice for quality decking design, installation, repair and maintenance.


deck installation

deck repair

deck installation balcony

deck installation

Loose railings or damaged boards.

Need an old deck repaired?

Our craftsmen will fix everything from start to finish. We repair both wooden and composite flooring.

Patio installation and design in East London

Green at home is a garden patio installation company operating in East London.

Adding a patio or paved area to your outdoor space can transform your garden into a beautiful, functional area for entertaining, relaxing or simply enjoying the fresh air.

At Green at Home Landscapers, we are experts in transforming outdoor spaces through the installation of patios and paved areas.

When it comes to paving, there are a variety of materials that can be used, including brick, stone, concrete and asphalt. We will work with you to determine the best flooring option for your space, taking into account the size, shape and purpose of the area.

patio design

patio design 3

patio design 7

patio design.


We also specialize in bespoke design, allowing you to create a truly unique outdoor space. We can help you design the patio design in your outdoor space. We work exclusively with the top patio companies like London Stone

patio design 1

patio design 4

patio design 2

patio design 5


Garden fence repair in east London is an important job that requires a lot of skill and experience.

Green at home garden and landscaper services can provide an ideal solution to replace your old fence.

With our expertise and experience, we can ensure that your new fence is installed correctly with quality materials and it looks great.

fence .

fence installation and repair

fence panel

Protect garden fence panel

We can offer as an additional service painting and sealing of your new fence, which can help protect it from the elements and make it last longer. We use special oils for wooden surfaces that contain UV filters to protect the panels from the bleaching effects of the sun.

Flowerbeds and planting services in East London

Look for Green at Home to plant your flower beds in the planting beds or in the garden. Enhance the beauty of your garden with our flower bed planting services.


flowerbeds 1

flowerbeds ideas

flowerbeds 3

We can help with all stages of landscape design from planning to planting. With your ideas and our skills, we will work together to create a garden that perfectly recreates your overgrown garden in a colourful fairy tale.

new flower bed


flowerbeds 2

planting services

Raised bed vegetable garden

Haunted by the idea of making vegetable beds in your garden?

This new wave is quite a buzz in the country and everyone wants to grow in home vegetables without pesticides.

And very close by one step and we pop in the garden.

Green At Home gardening services suitable for making the vegetable beds.




vegetable beds in garden

vegetable beds.

vegetable beds.

vegetable beds

Turf Laying with real and Artificial grass 

Professional turf and artificial grass laying in East London by Green At Home Ltd.

Fresh turf laying, lawn care, re-turfing and reshaping existing lawn. Green At Home Gardeners - we use highest quality fresh turf for gardens in London.


after turf laying

fresh quality lawn

turf installation

turf laying 1

We have transformed large number of neglected and overgrown  gardens into small pieces of heaven. Where you and your loved ones spend quality time together playing or resting. 

We carefully choose the type of grass that will suit you most your needs. Some turf will be growing better in sunny areas of your garden, and some will need shade. 

turf laying 3

turf laying 3

turf laying.

turf laying 2

new turf





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