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Artificial Grass london / Low Maintenance Fake Lawn

Artificial grass installation in London

Quality Artificial grass available on great prices.  Fake lawn or also called Lazy lawn it is a good choice for low maintenance garden.

It cost more than the turf, but in long term works the same. If we count the cost for regular visits, cutting your real grass in a year or two the price you pay for artificial lawn will be covered. 

Choose the Best Artificial Grass installation Company, Green At Home Ltd Landscapers in London will do it all to achieve your desired finish of the garden.  

Here I am writing  about what work is mostly involved in laying fake or artificial lawn.  In any garden we work, garden clearance is required. Some gardens we just tidy up, some need massive garden clearance and waste disposal. 

Garden Design

The Garden Layout, to design a garden is something unique for every client's needs.  At his landscaping project in London, we worked on our client's Design Ideas. We advise based on our landscaping and gardening experience and build the final garden design. 

The next step of installing artificial lawn, once the garden clearance is done and we have finalised the garden design. Preparation of the base for the new lazy lawn. This takes tones of aggregates for the sub base. Perfect compacting of the area is important to avoid sinking in future. 

If there is any tree stump in the area where the artificial grass will be installed, all the roots have to be removed deeply from the ground. If  the roots are left, they will rot and the lawn will sink down as the root will become soft and rotten.

Weed membrane to avoid any unwanted weeds to disturb your lawn. With the time some weeds will grow though the lawn anyway. Installing membrane is required for keeping those weeds away for longer. 

Artificial Grass Lazy Lawn Fake Grass Installation In London

Best is to have no joints in the lawn, for the perfect finish one piece of grass cut to size.

At this project we need about 20 square meters, 4 m wide and 5 m long. The grass arrives size that will overlap the lawn area. The excess of grass will be cut precisely when laid. 

Takes few hours and the garden changes significantly. When the Artificial Grass is laid, it all changes. That Green colour makes the difference, clean and low maintenance garden. 

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