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Garden Tidy, Clearance and Turf London

Garden clearance and turfing

Best time now to look and find recommended gardener for garden clearance and turf tidy up in London.  The second Lock Down will keep most of us home. We all need a garden space to spend time out.  

Garden Clearance and Turf

Freshly turfed and well maintained lawn is the simplest way to bring the nature in your back yard. Low maintenance garden, as jus grass cutting is required. You will have your lawn perfectly looking all Year round. 

Book your garden tidy up and clearance with professional garden landscapers near you.

At Green At Home Ltd We work with highest standard of turf available in London. In all our landscaping and gardening jobs we use achieve brilliant results of green fresh lawn. 

Ground Preparation for turf installation 

We prepare the ground carefully, clearing the garden and lawn are from stones and weeds. This is important as will allow us to level the garden for the new turf.

Once compacted the ground is ready to be levelled. We compact the ground by walking on it, this is the best way as we press the soil with body weight. Same, as if you will walk on the fresh turf. 

Keep in mind, avoid walking on any lawn when is too wet. This way you will keep the lawn levelled for longer. 

Existing Lawn Care

If you already have your lawn and not sure what to do for keeping it looking at its best. Contact Green At Home Team and we will help you. Remember, that the grass needs cutting.

Mow the lawn  as often as every week and you will enjoy the best turf and lawn you can imagine. 

Gardening and landscaping  Services East London,  Garden clearance  and garden projects North London, Landscaping Gardening Jobs and services  in Central London, We work in most areas in London mostly covering the areas above. 

Contact Green At Home Professional landscapers for more details of areas we cover. 

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