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Landscaping Project in East London – Turf laying, turfing

Green At Home is recommended landscape gardening company in London

In this small garden project in East London we will share with you few important steps and gardening tips for laying a perfect lawn with turf rolls. 

Laying turf is a great way to establish a lush and green lawn in just few hours. That is right only one day work, but hard work. 

Our hard working landscaping team is ready to assist with preparing the ground and laying turf in your garden. This project is in East London, between Leyton E10 and Forest Gate E7. 

I may have mentioned before in another landscaping project in London, that there are few simple steps that we follow when creating a new lawn. 


1. Step of laying a new lawn: 

Prepare the area and make sure the soil is in a good condition. We start by removing large weeds and high grass. At the same time we remove any debris and larger stones from the new lawn area. 

2.Rotorvate or turn the soil by using hand tools or machine ( hard work ) 🙂

this is really a combination of machine use and hand tools. As the machine not always reach corners and we have do by hand. Grade and level the soil by raking it, we aim to balance the garden and make looks its best. 

Sometime the new lawn is required perfectly flat, and sometimes it is on a sloop. 


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East London Turf Laying, Turfing services

East London Turf Laying, Turfing services

3. Optional is Adding a fertilizer or topsoil to the are for new lawn installation

For a small garden lawn about 20m2 can take up to one jumbo bag of top up soil. Not always required, many gardens in Leyton and Forest Gate, and in general in East London have good soil. That will do a great job for the new lawn just by aerating and turning over. 

4. The hard works of ground preparation is now completed for the new lawn to be laid. 

We start from a corner and unrolling the turf roll, making sure there is no air between the tur roll and the soil. This will slow down the root establishment of the grass. 

By pressing it down, continue to the next one. Soon after we reach the end of the lawn and we have to cut the grass with a knife or saw. We use saw, as sometimes we need to cut the turf roll in 2, so it is just easier with it. 


Levelling for a new lawn installation in East London by Green At Home Ltd

Levelling for a new lawn installation in East London by Green At Home Ltd

5. Water the newly laid lawn 

Important for new lawns is to be kept moist for the first few weeks. So the root system will establish deeper in the ground and reach more moist in the hot days. 

! Keep of the grass for about 2 weeks after laying. This is recommended to allow fast root connection  and development. In some cases you can use the lawn in the very beginning, but at least do not use it after watering. 

We will give you full instructions and many TIPS for a great looking lawn in London!

New lawn by Green At Home East London landscape gardeners

New lawn by Green At Home East London landscape gardeners





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