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Turf Installation | Turfing | Fresh Grass laying East and North London

Green At Home Ltd is delivering to our clients Turfing services in North London and East London

High quality turf available to install in short notice. We work in North London and offer turf laying for your garden and this may sound, as an easy job, but it is not that easy. Our team of professionals pay attention on the ground preparation, as this is one of the most important steps when laying fresh grass, turf.  

Ground must me well turned over and aerated for the new lawn to help the rood system of the turf rolls to establish stronger and connect well to the ground. Gardening in East London is what we do for now more than 10 years and with many happy and returning clients Green At Home team continue to improve and enjoy the work we do. 

Turf Laying East and North London

The heavy work is not yet done completely when the ground is turned and prepared for turfing or seeding the new lawn. Then is the time for laying perfectly the rolls in your garden. 

There are only few steps in this project, to prepare the ground, weeding and turning the soil, compacting and adding topsoil, raking and laying grass. If you need any assistance with new lawn installation in London, consider contacting us. 


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Turf Laying EAST | North London Green At Home

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