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Fence Installation in London Professional Landscaping Services

London Wooden Fence Installation

Fence Installation - This is one of our many Landscape Gardening Sercvices in London - Green At Home Ltd. Our experienced and professional landscape gardeners will install any type of fence for your garden in London.

Once you contact Green At Home Landscapers, we will book free viewing and a member of our expert gardeners will take all details and measurements. You will share the Ideas you have about your new garden fence and you will be advised professionally on what is best for your home and garden.

Green at Home offers wide range of fence work in London

Fence repairs, new fence and railing installation, etc. We can offer you the best price and options of wood panel selection for your residential or commercial green space. We work with quality feather edge panels, lap panels, close board panels and we supply with concrete post or wooden post depending of  your fencing needs.


Feel the need for a little more privacy? Or maybe you feel distracted with the outside noise of the busy world.

Whatever the reason you are considering a new fence - you or we design it, we build it! Or maybe let us choose the most appropriate and affordable option for you?

What should I know before taking the step for a new fence installation in London?


A fence should not only be considered as an accessory to your garden. So what’s the purpose of a fence exactly? For some, having a fence means someone is keeping you out.

While it may be the opposite – a fence keeps pets from running away. Fences may block out unwanted noise, as your personal garden is where you should feel relaxed. Fence could also block the pesky weeds from creeping into your garden.

A fence can also be an aesthetic touch or compliment to your green space and house. And of course, a fence also can make you feel safer as well. There are many kinds of fences, different for each need. Here are some things to keep in mind for those who consider a fence:

Most smaller parcels are already flat. Others however are not, yet they can still be framed with a step-up fence. This type of fence is split into smaller sections, with each section starting from a different height. Ask us about elevated fences, and if your property is not on even grounds.


Certain regulations may apply, if you are planning for a fence. Make sure it is not obstructing important installations, structures or signs for private or public use. Or, if you plan to have a pool in the back yard, for example – you must install a fence.

Depending on the fence structure that you desire, we can construct all kinds of sturdy fences with concrete posts and boards, which will provide for a solid foundation for the wooden panels.

There is simply too much to said when it comes to fences. Thinking of building one? Why not call us and tell us your ideas?

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