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Rubbish Removal North London


At Green at Home Ltd we understand that rubbish removal can be extremely stressful, time-consuming and physically exhausting process for you and your family. Therefore, we provide a variety of waste removal services in North London.

We are here to take this stress off your hands any time you might need us! With Green at Home Ltd rubbish disposal can be quick and easy. Relax and enjoy a cup of tea while our team of fully trained and licensed professionals dispose of your waste.


One of the most important things for us is your satisfaction. We also pay a great deal of attention to correct waste recycling. Our practice is based on strictly following waste recycling of all material possible in order to send the bare minimum to the landfill.

This is not only a legal requirement, but it is also environmental pollution management. Green at Home Ltd always provides the best waste disposal services in London due to our friendly team of professionals. We care of you and dispose of your waste the best and safest way possible.


Green waste removal 

Are you looking for someone you can trust to clear out the green waste from your garden?  We can easily collect bags of weed, branches, excess soil, old/broken garden tools or furniture. Anything that takes up space in your garden and casts a shadow over its beauty. We can load up quickly and dispose of, saving you time, energy and a great deal of effort!

Garden waste removal 

Everybody deserves a beautiful, clean garden, where you and your family can relax and enjoy all sunny days in London! As soon as you call us, our team of professionals will take care of your needs. Our reliable team works quickly and efficiently. Professional will remove any unnecessary rubbish in next to no time!

Garage Clearance 

Do you have old junk, worn out furniture, broken electrical equipment and various other waste materials that clutter your garage?

It collects tons of dust and takes up an enormous amount of space. You can have a clean and tidy garage again. Call us and we will send our professional team to clear out your garage in a timely manner. Our men and a van will load it all up and dispose of it the correct and legal way by following the UK waste recycling requirements and regulations.

Home/office clearance 

Does it feel like it’s time for you to renovate and brighten up your home or your office? However, you can’t make up your mind, because you are worried about all the stress that comes with construction waste and furniture disposal? Green at Home Ltd will take care of this process for you, because we know how important this is to you!

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