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Trellises-Outdoor decor

The  trellis is an outdoor decor that is  popular with homeowners no matter what size their garden.

The trellis is an accurate solution for determining the height of an existing fence.

Also used to enhance garden decor or hide unsightly areas of brick, stone or outbuildings

trellis 5

trellis outdoor

A perfect solution for a frame for climbing plants that will make your garden design a magnificent corner with many plants that you will have found the right place.

This will ensure that your plants grow upwards and will not affect the other vegetation in your garden.

If you are wondering how to install a trellis, we at Green At Home Ltd are ready to realize your project.

trellis 6



The team measures exactly where you want to place the trellis and with the right tools and skills we are ready to install.

We can find them ready-made or they can be made to order.

Today there is a wide range of colors and different shapes grids.

We will help you make these steps  that meet your specific requirements.

Give your garden a sense of more style.

The trellis  are extremely attractive and will give your outdoor space a refined quality.





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