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5 Great Easter Ideas by Green At Home Ltd

Easter is coming Good Friday Spring comes and declares its presence with its army of flowering trees and the enchanting songs of the birds. The mood in the evening is not shown for the expected preparation for Easter. I'm sure you're starting to prepare for the great buns with raisins and candied fruit. Can you…
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Wooden or Composite Decking

Garden Revamp - Wooden or Composite dеcking When planning the construction of your wooden or composite decking you need to be clear about what type of flooring you to use. Therefore, we have options and this is one of the most important step for installing a deck in your home. Decking flooring lasts between 10 to…
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Quality Artificial Grass

Best Artificial grass, Astro turf for your garden Want the perfect green lawn in your garden just like in a photo from a magazine? How to say goodbye to the mud and imperfection in our garden, how to make our balcony look like a green fairy tale? There is an easy way to do this.…
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Good mood in my garden

 My garden clearance and tidy up My garden Garden clearance requires a lot of work, time and knowledge. Many gardening tools, machines and professionalism are required.  You should not have all to clear the garden and bring it back to a good mood. We at Green At Home gardeners will take care of all garden requests.…
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Garden Decking Services London

Deck and decking installation Decking Services available. If you want to refresh and decorate your garden оr give shine to your finished home, we from the GREEN AT HOME team will take care of it.  Decking is one of the most common customer orders and blends seamlessly with any style of any garden. Whether you want it…
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