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Fence Installation

Fence Installation and  repair

Have you ever feel like someone is watching you? Missing a fence panel or you wish to have peace and privacy in your own garden. Garden fencing is an essential part for your privacy, as it is the one of the most visible area of your front and back gardens.

Installing a new fence or repair existing is determinant - it will give your property and garden aesthetic and complete look.

Fence Installation London Fence Repair

Fence supply and installation services in London

Close board fence panel 

Fence panels on low cost, these are the best sellers panels. The price is very affordable and the quality  of the panel itself is great for the price. Close board fence panels are fence panels with vertical feather edge boards, all the boards overlap each another and supported with horizontal wooden rails at the back.  

Lap fence panel

Alternative for fence boundary are the lap panels. They are build from treated wood, as the close board panels. The difference is in the quality, lap panels does not last as long as close board panels. The wood material is thinner and can bend and brake in time. 

Close Board panel

Lap panel

Fence Installation in London

When choosing fence panels type, you will need to consider the fence posts. There are two most common options that are used in fence installation in London.

Concrete or wooden post, concrete posts are heavy, strong and long lasting. The solid look of the posts and the fact that will last for loner make up the mind when choosing post type. 

Wooden posts have the warmer natural look, that blend with the fence panels. Many will consider using this option. These posts are pressure treated for external use and are made from soft wood. Both options can be painted in any colour.


Concrete posts and wooden panels are in great combination with gravel boards. These are made from concrete and come in one or half a foot.  The length is 6f standard for fence panels too.

Concrete boards will separate the fence panel and the ground, this will avoid moisture getting up to the panel. Most likely your new wooden panels will live longer, if you choose to use concrete base for your new fence installation. 

Fence panels replacement

Different conditions may deform or damage your fence. Panels that are old enough to rot, can be easily blown from stormy weather, improper maintenance can be even worse sometimes. 

We offer fence panels replacement, that will involve disposing of existing panels. Installing new fence panels to existing fence and fence posts. In that case we will simply remove and slide in new fence panels. 

Fence panel replacement

Feather Edge Fence Installation

This is an option for fence that is build from feather edge  boards on site. We use wooden posts and solid wooden frame to hold the boards in place. This fence has no visible posts, they are all hidden behind. Fence can be in custom high as we can cut to size. Standard comes in 1.8m / 6f or 2.1m / 7f. and width of 12cm. 

Straight line of fence boundary line separating your garden with neighbours. Available to install all year round. Concrete mix holds the wooden posts firmly in the ground. 

Fence Feather Edge

Fence Experts London

Either way our expert team can offer the right solution. We install and supply all types of garden fencing – traditional, security or decorative ones. All projects will be in compliance with your personal requests, and tailored to implement the look of your property. Green At Home Ltd supplies pressure treated replacement fence panels as well as repairing any section of your old fence.

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