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Tree stump removing

Tree Stump Removal services in London

If you have recently cut down a tree, you are most probably facing a problem deciding on how to remove it. There are several ways Green at Home can help you with this task, depending on structure, age and size.

One way we handle stumps is by digging around the roots. By removing the top layer of dirt, we expose the roots underneath. This allows us to try and move around the circumference of the stump, while continuing to go deeper and expose the larger roots. Once the stump is uncovered it should be easier to dispose of.

Another method would be by separating the roots from the stump. In some cases, the roots are clearly visible above the soil. Cutting them from the stump one by one will loosen it up and it should start to wobble when enough pressure is applied.

Some stumps are larger than usual. Some cases may require specialised tools, such as a power stump grinder. Depending on the radius of the stump, a number of holes are drilled vertically. These holes are then filled with a special chemical (usually made of made of powdered potassium nitrate), which speeds up the rotting process. With time, the stump will lose its hardness and it will come out from underneath the ground fairly easy.

For more information on this and other gardening services in London, book your stump removal appointment.

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