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How to make a new lawn, E7 Forest Gate

How to make a new lawn  E7 Forest Gate

Have you thought about making a new lawn ?

Before you start your new garden improvement in E7 Forest Gate- think of what you need the lawn for and carefully choose the type of grass that will suit your needs best.

Consider the location of the new lawn  as for shady area you will need different grass then  sunny area. The preparation for the lawn can be really hard work, that involves soil digging, levelling and raking. Perfect lawn must be laid on well prepared ground.

Turf or Seeds for your new Lawn?

Once you are ready with the ground work it is the next thing you must think of. Many may believe that seeding does not require as much ground preparation as turfing, that is wrong. It is absolutely the same process for Lawn with turf or seeds.

New Lawn

New Lawn East London

Higher cost and harder work involved for the turf and it has to be laid as soon as it has been delivered. It provides an instant result, you will have new lawn in hours and can be used in weeks. Suitable time for laying turf - almost any time as long as it is not frosty (near to 0).

Seeding is more vulnerable, cooler weather or birds and ants can slow the germination down with weeks.
It normally takes months from the day you seed your ground to the day it will become lawn. Best time to sow is is either mid-spring or mid autumn.

Excellent lawn need excellent care, mowing regularly is one of the keys to achieve the goal for a perfect lawn.
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