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5 Great Easter Ideas by Green At Home Ltd

Easter is coming

Good Friday

Spring comes and declares its presence with its army of flowering trees and the enchanting songs of the birds. The mood in the evening is not shown for the expected preparation for Easter.
I'm sure you're starting to prepare for the great buns with raisins and candied fruit. Can you be one of the lucky ones who have their own green corner?
I have prepared 5 inspiring ideas for the magnificent decoration in the garden just for you. Roll up your sleeves and increase your imagination, if you need the necessary help in landscaping, our specialists from Green At Home, always at your disposal.





Easter nest in the garden

Where there is a great egg there is a retained egg and where there is an egg sooner or later a nest may appear. All you need are a few twigs from the trees in your garden.

Tear off the magnification, cut and wrap them in a round shape like a wreath. You can use duct tape or some kind of tie back.

Decorate with some spring flowers by sticking them between the branches. Colourful scarf can be used for decoration. Put or glue a few artificial ready-coloured eggs and voila, you will have a wonderful nest.

If there is not even a yard, you can put it on the balcony sill or as a decoration for the front door.

Easter Nest in the garden

Invite the big efficient rabbit!

The rabbit is the symbol of Easter. It is impossible without him. That's right!

Legend has it that he was a migratory bird - the right hand of the goddess Eostra. One day the bird turns into a wild rabbit, but although in a new form of life, it continues to build nests in which it hides colorful eggs.

Decorate bunnies of different sizes in your yard. They are everywhere in every local store. White or coloured, fluffy or rocky, it does not matter somehow "jump out"

Easter Rabbits Ideas

Easter fence

What could be more pleasant than this child to play outside in the yard and try to gather to decorate this great picture. There is nothing easier than entering a little input.

Take a drawing board with you and attach it to your garden. Make and glue the cardboard attachments, previously painted with paints, and attach them to the board. You will get a flower and why not some other figure.

Easter Fence Ideas

Easter tree

This idea dates back to my childhood, when my mother read me stories about princesses and kings. I remember in one of the testimonies the oldest tree in the yard was decorated with eggs. Colourful, colourful and colorful. Every year it is made at home for a big day. It's so revealing and intoxicating to be under it and watch the eggs glisten like diamonds in the sun And you can do it

There are electric eggs on the market made of plastic, paper or cardboard. Decorate the branches of your chosen tree with them and you will have an inspiring display of festive colours



Easter Tree Ideas

To welcome our guests at home

Why can't you visit the guests at this year's opening? It will be a wonderful family holiday. White tablecloth, vase with spring flowers, candles and a special table.

You can leave a basket with one egg in front of each guest as a welcome compliment. You can organize the game for the children. Looking for a chocolate egg somewhere hidden in your yard is a great guarantee.

Easter table decoration


-With love- 

By Stacey

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