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Artificial Grass for Dogs and Pets

Artificial grass for dogs and pets has the same appearance as natural grass. Soft to the touch, always fresh, green and easy to clean. Without much effort, you always have neat and level grass in your garden. Good weather resistance, easy to clean without any effort.

Is it suitable for animals?

You want your animal to feel good outside. With the right green artificial grass for dogs and pets, this is entirely possible.

Soft to the touch on paws and gentle on fur, dogs love to roll around and relax outside. Artificial grass to keep your pet happy, free of toxic materials and poisonous chemicals. We always look to choose the best for them, so we can make the right choice by choosing the right grass for them. Researched and created completely for pets, so you can have complete peace of mind about a good safe environment in your garden.

The suitable height of artificial grass for dogs and pets is about 3 cm. Perfect, elastic with not too short or long hair. Artificial grass is odorless and toxin-free, so it can be used for animals without any problems. You can keep your pets clean and healthy.

Can pets also pee and poo on the grass?

Of course it's possible. This is a completely normal process. It is easy to clean after their bowel movement. You can pick it up with a glove and water the rest with the garden hose. Fortunately, artificial grass can easily drain unwanted liquids. For more extensive cleaning of the artificial grass, only soapy warm water is needed.


  • You do not need maintenance, watering and mowing
  • It is resistant to trampling
  • Resistant to meteorological conditions
  • Can be used for shady places
  • Absolutely safe for children and animals
  • No muddy paws
  • Non-toxic
  • No spots or blemishes
  • Outdoors for free
  • Always green

As it should be

Most often, artificial grass is laid on a hard and flat surface, such as concrete or cement. It is cleaned of weeds, stones and other plants.


Next you let the grass settle for 2 days before stepping on it!

How it is cleaned

Every single waste can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner or a fake brush. The dust is cleaned by washing, even in the rain. Regular combing of the fibers gives them volume and an attractive appearance.

To remove odors or stains, approved detergents can be used to remove them.


Do not leave leaves or other fallen plants on the lawn for long. This will degrade its qualities and change its appearance.

Want an expert opinion?

You have a place and you want to install artificial grass where your pet can spread freely.
Don't delay!
We, the GREEN AT HOME team, are professionals in artificial grass installation.
Give our local GREEN expert a call and we'll do an inspection as soon as possible.


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