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Christmas time

Its Christmas time!

The best time of the year is coming! It is December.

Time for family comfort, wine and Christmas songs! And what can we do without the Christmas tree! Who will not love it? Who doesn't want to have it in their living room near the fireplace and enjoy it every day. Decorated with toys and light bulbs.

Aah! Let's do this year something different – have one outside! Why not?!

Our front looks is so empty.. so this year I had the idea to beautify it a bit. And not just for me of course! Let it be for everyone!

I choose to shop from the nearby garden store next to us because that's how I can feel what my Christmas tree is. The best thing in this case is that in the spring I will be able to get stuck in the garden in front and so I will enjoy it every year.

Do not choose very large Christmas trees in a small pot as their  root system may be damaged. The tree has large and highly developed roots that fit to fit into the pot, and this can sometimes lead to damage. Remember that in winter the tree is at rest, which you should not disturb. This means not keeping it warm and never fertilise it.

Christmas Tree

And in the end, the best remained. The decoration of course. Put all your positive energy, dig through the boxes and find the best toys.....and do not forget to splash a little love at the end.

At Green At Home Ltd  We Wish  You Happy Christmas and New Year 

                                                                                                               By Stacey

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