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Fox repellent

Fox control for your home and garden, Fox repellent

Fox repellent - The natural solution of the fox problem is Scoot

Fox repellent, Foxes are often a problem when in your garden. Digging holes and making total mess around.

Green At Home Ltd Gardening and Landscaping company based in London, we recommend the use of natural Fox solution. Look at the images, this is a fresh new lawn just one night passed and the foxes have done some digging.


Fox problem solution 

Because it is their territory, foxes feel like home, they do what they want. What Scoot does is marking the area the way that foxes realise some bigger animal has been around. So the Fox that live in your garden has to find another place. The natural way Fox Problem 

Great way to avoid foxes in your garden is using, but keep in mind if you have cats. This is a cat repellent too so for those who love and have cats at home will not be suitable.

Set of 2 PestBye Ultrasonic Battery Operated Motion Activated Fox /Cat Repellent


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We also used Garden hose to water the lawn regularly 

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