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Garden Decking Services London

Deck and decking installation

Decking Services available. If you want to refresh and decorate your garden оr give shine to your finished home, we from the GREEN AT HOME team will take care of it. 

Decking is one of the most common customer orders and blends seamlessly with any style of any garden. Whether you want it as an accent in the middle, in a corner or raised on the second floor. With stairs or without, with a fence rails or just as a path, we have the task to realise your ideas.  

Garden works London

The best thing is that regardless of the type of flooring, the surface of the deck can change in the future by a simple touch. 

It is not a problem to enlarge over time, to change the look, shape and even colour. Taking to our advice and our decking services in London will lead to easy maintenance on your part. We at Green At Home team are professionals in building and structuring wooden decks.

Garden Revamp Decking Services and Landscape

When you plan complete landscaping of your garden or just an update of your outdoor space. Installing Deck in your garden is a perfect match for artificial grass.  It will stand out with garden pergola in a border with fresh looking lawn

Decking Installation London

 Simply Decking

Adding decked area to your garden in London to avoid the difference in the levels. Cover drainage or create planting beds make decking very useful not only as a seating area. You will notice tremendous improvement to your garden in no time. 

At Green At Home we aim to achieve the highest result for our clients. Considering all in detail and optimising the progress in the projects. We continue to deliver high quality gardening and landscaping services in Central London, North London, East London 

We have delivered our landscaping or gardening services an build trust in our clients in many areas in London. Walthamstow, Leyton, Leytonstone, Stratford E15, Forest Gate, London fields, Bow, Islington, Hithbury fields, Camden Town, Hoxton, Hackney, Dalston, Stone Newington and many more areas. 

We are based in East London and we manage to cover and be local most of North London and East London areas. 

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