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Decking Services E7 East London

Wooden Deck installation services in London

Decking Services E7

Easy to maintain decking is a great option for a seating area in your garden.  It looks great and ideally combines with artificial grass or fresh turf.  

This project involves few of our landscaping services in London. Our client from East London Forest Gate E7 contacted us with a request for fence repair, Decking and artificial grass installation. 

After visited the site and discussed the best layout for our client. The way we have optimised the space allow space for a car, seating area and playground with artificial lawn of high quality. 

How do we install wooden deck in London

First we check the levels in the garden, all have to be planned. The deck will need to have a sloop to one side so there is no water containing on its surface. This is not significant, so you cannot really notice it. 

Then we plan the access to drainage and mains. When planning the decking construction we make sure we plan easy access. We build a lit from the same decking material, this makes the access point nearly invisible. 

Installing Weed control Membrane under the decking frame. It  stops any weeds growing for the next 20 years. We use a specific product that has a long life. 

Painting the new deck is an option, it comes in a natural wooden colour. You can choose any colour or treatment for the decking. 

Contact us today for free estimate. 

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Decking Services E7

Decking Installation East London





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