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Turfing Services | Turf East and North London

Turfing Services  for  your new garden design

Fresh lawn installation is what our turfing services in London include. Any garden becomes unique with perfect touch of professional gardening and landscaping services like we offer in Green At Home. 

This is one of our landscaping projects in North London that our turfing services are used. Laying a lawn is not the easiest task to do, so involves much hard work. Ground preparation and digging, raking and compacting. So this is where you need professional gardeners to step in and do the the hard work for you.

Turfing services | Turf installation London

Gardening services | Turfing and lawn 

Why shaping new lawn is so important? We need to consider where planting beds and shed will be positioned for your new garden. Because once is done, we want to keep it as it has been designed to be. Concrete base cannot simply be moved, and once done, we cannot really change our mind of its position. 

Step by Step Lawn installation, In this project we make a plan, that we follow and I will explain in few simple steps below. 

  gardening services london Garden clearance and disposing of green waste
  gardening services london Ground preparation and soil turning, top soil adding
  gardening services london Compacting and taking all weeds left
  gardening services london Final garden touch before laying turf
  gardening services london Turfing the lawn, laying top quality turf




Turfing Services | Turf East and North London


I need to mention, we are planning a shed base in the corner of the garden. This is build before the turf is laid. We do not recommend walking on the lawn for the first 10 days, because it is establishing its root system. 

Concrete shed base tips

We recommend the base to be raised above the lawn with one step of 10cm. Slight sloop to one side is recommended too. This will allow the water to run away and not contain on its surface, therefore longer wood life is the result. 

Turfing services | Shed Base

Turfing Services in London

At the end of  every turfing project, we need to water the lawn properly. Because it is so important, that to be done correctly, the first time is our responsibility.  But from then after it is your, your new lawn needs watering daily if it is laid in the hot months and once in few days in the cold season. Of course it really depends on the weather forecast. 

In no time you will know whether to water the lawn or not. We also offer irrigation system installation. This will be the easiest way of maintaining the water amount in the lawn. 

Turfing Services | Turf East and North London

Working with: The London lawn company | Master Landscapers Ltd | Easigrass | London Stone

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