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Installation of a Log Cabin

Garden log cabin are a complement to any landscape. Not only do they provide a convenient way to store garden tools, but they can also add charm and character to your outdoor living space.

There are many ways to install a good foundation of a log cabin. To be sure that it will provide adequate maintenance of your cabin, you should trust professionals.

We at Green At Home are experts in the assembly and installation of log cabin. We work quickly and qualitatively.

Today we are designing a log cabin to the designs of our East London clients. The garden allows the construction of a building at the two and farthest ends.


We always start by cleaning the place where the action will take place. We move several pots, a table with chairs and remove excess plants. There is an old cast concrete pillar that divides the garden into two parts, which we also removed. This way, there will be more space to build the wooden house.


The next step is a good leveling of the ground. The ground must be perfectly level. We use a level, put the beams and make sure that everything is level and level. The beams must be fitted and tightened properly to form something of a bed ramp. Iron grating is placed where it will keep the foundations strong.

before project

log cabin

Pouring concrete

The next step is pouring the concrete over the formed bed. Before that, we mixed it for a short distance and directly poured it with a machine to form an impermeable cement layer.

After it dries well, we start cutting the beams. We have prepared wooden materials for the building, purchased in advance from the local hardware store. We begin to cut the boards that will form the very floor of the wooden house.

pouring concrete

The construction of the walls and roof

The first boards we install are the two log halves that we place on top of the outer floor frame. We start to row from one side until we make a complete square.

We designed the left wall to have a window. This is good as sunlight always comes in and this way our customers will avoid mold and dampness later on.

After we have built all the walls and built the door frame, it's time for the roof. First we cover it with a special membrane. So this way there will be no water leakage. Then we arrange one row of boards and make the necessary insulation. We install the door with all the necessary parts and the side glass on the left side of the wooden house.

building walls

side window



We cover the foundations of the log cabin with a special waterproof sealing varnish. Then we paint the door and the roof with gray paint.


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end of log cabin.





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