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Professional Turf Installation

In this new project, we at Green at Home are here to remove the old grass in this garden and install new grass. Professional turf installation is important to the customer as it will bring refreshment to the garden and a change of new colours.

Delivery of the grass

We have a delivery today of the grass which is fresh and green. For best results, it should be applied on the same day to preserve its freshness and properties.

A few days ago we measured exactly in centimeters how much grass needs to be delivered, so we are ready and getting down to work.

We start by removing the old grass, all weeds must be well cleaned. The field must be well leveled in order for the new grass to be installed. With a paddle we make straight movements. We spread the soil evenly everywhere and prepare it for installation.

Preparation of the grass

To lay the new grass there must be some moisture. We begin to install the grass from one end to the other end of the path.

The grass rolls are staggered to ensure that all ends are neatly tucked in and there is no overlap. We cut each piece of grass precisely and lay it piece by piece so that they can grip each other.

Then we pass with a roller so that the grass can ensure good contact with the ground.

Watering the new lawn

After a few hours of work, we are ready for abundant watering of the new grass. We water methodically until we make sure that the roll of grass is watered abundantly and evenly.

It is important to water them constantly so that they can take root and connect to the ground.

We at Green At Home are local gardeners in East and North London who specialize in installing new grass. Quickly, easily and with competitive prices we build your garden and make it a good place to relax and meet with the family.

To use the services of Green At Home, you only need to write to us in the form below or call our phones. We will come for an inspection on the earliest day for us and prepare the necessary offer for you.

before garden

during the work

leveling ground

turf installation

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