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Landscaping project in Bow E3

We are back in East London where we have a landscaping project.

One of the main tasks there is to level and trim a large Japоnica Camellia bush. It is located right in the middle of the garden and unfortunately takes up a huge amount of the space of the house.

In the photo I show you what the bush actually looks like before it is trimmed with our professional skills from the green gardeners of Green At Home.

It's actually my favorite tree in London. Not only does it add charm with its colors, but it reminds me of spring blossoming and warm weather.

We park close to the customer's home, so it will be easy to get all the tools we need. We are placing the order for the turf rolls from our favorite North London turf center today.

This is important so that we can pick it up on time and lay it down while it is still fresh and green.

Japonica Camelia

The first steps consist of getting all the tools out and getting ready for work.

We always start with the fact that a garden should be cleaned well. We remove weeds, as well as all types of dirt from old bricks if there are stones.

We do this in order to clean the terrain well, as it will be diligently leveled by our services.

After we have prepared the ground, it's time for the tree. With a trimmer, we gently and lightly start trimming from both sides.

Two workers from our team have taken up the finesse of pruning this beautiful plant. We take the necessary time to make it look good so that it will be liked for a long time.

We fill the rest of the scraps from the large bags that we have previously prepared for garbage. Only three bags need to be then disposed of in landfill.

We load them into the work truck and move on with the tasks. We continue with the leveling of the terrain.

With shovels we cover every single part of this garden to be turned and prepared for the next day when the grass will arrive.

The grass is already here.

Second day of the workflow. We have done most of the work since the day before.

We have leveled the ground and it is now ready for placing the rolls of grass.

We start with the arrangement of grass from the upper right corner until we reach the end.

We worked for a few hours and now everything is ready. We have left a place on the side where a path with tiles or flower beds can be made. All this of course depends on the client.






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after garden

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