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Deck Removal and Patio Installation

Today we are in the large garden where the main task will be removing the deck and installing a patio.

The first and most important step is to remove the deck.

A total of three per person from the green gardeners of Green At Home will help to realize the project of our clients.

The wooden deck in the home occupies the outdoor space in almost every garden.

Over time, it disintegrates, begins to rot and collapses in places.

However, removing the deck opens up new design possibilities that will make for a fresher and more pleasant place to rest and relax.

the old decking

We start by removing the deck boards.

We have prepared tools in advance.We use a hammer, a screwdriver and a pry bar for nails.

We unfold each board and with the help of a lever we lift it to get it out.After we removed all the old boards we needed a space in which to collect them and distribute them in one place.

There was a lot of trash to collect and no easy task to pick up and haul away.


indian stone

Next comes the patio installation. We have prepared the ground, we have cleared all the waste and we are getting ready for finishing work.

Our customers have chosen Indian stone with brown and beige shades.

To start with the placement of the stone we need to level the space as it will blend in with the grass that is there.

The deck was previously raised a few inches off the grass, so we had to level and hoe out quite a bit of the soil. Laying a stone is not an easy task.


wide gap joint filer

old flower bed

Great precision is required in its installation, as each component has a different shape and size.

We have the best stone landscapers with professional and expert experience.

We finish by grouting the stone making sure that all  small gaps are filled completely to avoid cracks.

Also we are tasked with changing the flower bed at the back of the garden.

Again we removed the old boards and replaced them with WOODEN SLEEPERS. We added more soil and it's ready to plant

new flower bed

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