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Professional Jet Wash Cleaning Service/ East London

Today we are in East London for a professional jet wash cleaning service.

Our task is to clean everything contaminated on the outer covering of the floor as it includes a staircase and human sculptors in the garden.

We park right in front of the site with the parking organized. Then start unloading all the machinery for the work process.

Our water jet is one of the best choices for cleaning large spaces, and we quickly embark on the task of a perfectly executed plan.

You can see in the first picture how much green layer is accumulated on the floor, as well as quite a dirty layer accumulated during the past season.

My experienced colleague and I first of all peel off the large garbage and fallen leaves so as not to clog the drain when we start cleaning. We are spread over two different areas.

With the leaf blower, we collect everything in one place and then collect it in a bags. After we finish cleaning, we start with the main part.



We spray everywhere the basic preparation for professional cleaning with a water jet for the floor and turn on the machine. We go centimeter by centimeter and carefully clean every dirty corner.

We also pass through the walls, where there is also a lot of accumulated dirt on them. After cleaning the floor, we move to the stairs. A few steps, railings and we've pretty much finalized everything.

I am attaching a photo after the cleaning to see the difference between before and now.

Autumn and spring are the main seasons in which we have a lot of bookings for cleaning with a water jet on the floor and even decking.

We mainly refresh the given surface with the adapted strong jet of water, which contributes to the perfect cleaning of facades, stone pavements around lakes, pools, artificial and natural stone pavements, pavements, concrete paths, etc.

Through the power of the water jet, graffiti, spray paint, cement, plaster, paint and weathered moss can be cleaned and removed.

We, the Green At Home team, are always at your side and work at affordable prices.

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