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Vegetable gardening for beginners

What is it like to have a vegetable garden  in your garden?

How to make vegetable beds and from what?

What vegetables can you grow in a vegetable garden from scratch?

Where should you find it?

First and most important thing to do first is to choose a suitable sunny place for your vegetable beds. Get out of the garden, stand and take a good look at the places where you might make the vegetable beds.

Feel the place for planting. It is important to have easy access and to reach them easily.

Most vegetables need 8 hours of direct sunlight and will do well to be placed in a suitable location.

Don't worry if your soil isn't suitable for them or your entire garden is covered with concrete or pavers. Everything that can be seen on any ground can also be seen in raised beds.

Your option is to raise them to a certain height so that you can reach them easily.

If you are completely new to gardening, don't worry.

Everything happens gradually and you will see in a short time the results you wished for. Grow things that will bring you joy and that you will water with mood.

Choose vegetables that you enjoy eating, but don't overplant them, as they get stressed by poor air circulation and root space.

Choice of materials

The task here is to make "beds" where you will see our vegetables. No matter what material they are made of, they must have a base and frame where the soil will hold the place



Wood is the most suitable material for making garden beds. Easy to cut and install. You can buy new boards or if you have leftovers from some work apply them. Do not be sure that some trees contain toxins or have been treated with various preparations, which can lead to damage to the plant.


Sheet metal. Siding, sheet metal would do a very good job of making garden beds. They last a long time and give a special design to your garden.

Tiles, Stone, Concrete

If you want to make in a different and broken shape, use stones or tiles. They do not require maintenance and are preserved for quite a long time.

What vegetables can you see in the garden beds?

Garden beds are the fastest way to grow vegetables at home. They warm up early in the spring, drain well and allow you to control the soil at all times.

Tomatoes, peppers, carrots, potatoes, melons in the spring and radishes, parsley, cucumbers, onions and lettuce in the winter give you a great choice for organic and healthy food.

pumpkin-veg beds


Watering is one of the best ways to keep your vegetables healthy and growing well.

It is up to us to make sure that the vegetables get their daily dose of water. To find out if everything is fine, you need to see if the soil is moist enough.

Feel free to feel the soil with your hands and judge if everything is fine.


Good soil is a sure bet that your vegetables will grow healthy and rich in nutrients.

That is why the greatest attention to the soil should be emphasized.

There is quite a wide selection of soil mixes suitable for vegetables in the shops, so it is an easy option for those who are just starting out in this endeavor.

They contain a combination of compost, rotted manure, shredded mulch, peat moss and perlite.

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