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Tidy up

Garden Clearance | Tidy up

Expert garden clearance and tidy up services for overgrown gardens. Gardens often end up neglected, obviously we sometimes travel, have our attention on something else or we just forget about the garden when the weather is not that great.

But when the sun shines again, we all love to start using our gardens again. Then you will need the garden clearance and a professional tidy up.

Garden Tidy | Garden Clearance

Tidy and welcoming garden

To keep your garden tidy may be sometimes difficult. Missing few grass cuts can be harmful for your lawn. Weeds are growing faster and soon can take over your lovely lawn.

What will happen then? Time for rats and foxes to enter your garden, do you want that? Possibly not, so as soon as your garden is tidy again, you have nothing to worry about. We also advice on Foxes control as well as Rats control.

Garden clearance |Tidy up

Grass Cutting | Lawn Mowing 

If you need a reliable gardener to mow your lawn, here we are to do it all for you.  At Green At Home Ltd we offer lawn care and maintenance services, keep the grass short and healthy all year around. All home owners, landlords or tenants can rely on us.

No difference if you live in Australia and have a property in London, that needs garden service. Call us and our professional gardening team will to all in few simple steps. 

Lawn Care | Weed Control

Hard work is required for a great looking lawn. Stand out in the neighbourhood with the best looking garden and lawn. Professionalism and knowledge are well combined with the garden service we deliver in London. 

Weeds are often annoying, but there is a solution for everything.  Moss and algae can grow on many surfaces in the garden. Then you need professional weed control assistance. 

Weed Control Garden Tidy Up

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Garden Clearance hedge trimming Garden Tidy

Garden Clearance hedge trimming Garden Tidy





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