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House and Flat clearance

Sometimes there could be so many useless things and even inconvenient furniture which apparently we have been keeping home for such a long time, that we have forgotten they exist. Should you ever feel that it is enough and need to sort it out please do not hesitate to give us a call !
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Internal and External

Sometimes having your windows externally cleaned appears to be not enough to reach the crystal result. Removing the dust or annoying fingerprints from inside will definitely bring out the feeling of brightness and space.
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Garden waste removal and garden clearance

GARDEN WASTE REMOVAL  GARDEN CLEARANCE  LONDON Garden Clearance London Garden Clearance London Garden Clearance hedge trimming Garden Clearance Services Your garden in London should be a place where you can relax, enjoy time with your family or close friends in peace and tranquillity. Sometimes, however, converting your garden into a beautiful green space can be…
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Tidy ups

To keep your garden tidy may be sometimes difficult. Missing few grass cuts can be harmful for the lawn. Weeds are growing faster and soon they take over. Time for rats and foxes to enter your garden, do you want that? Possibly not, so as soon as your garden is tidy again, you have nothing…
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Tree stump removing

Tree Stump Removal services in London If you have recently cut down a tree, you are most probably facing a problem deciding on how to remove it. There are several ways Green at Home can help you with this task, depending on structure, age and size. One way we handle stumps is by digging around…
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